[Gtkradiant] Re: Patch work for FreeBSD native build

Anout 'RR2DO2' van Meer gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:07:25 +0100

Quick correction, the splines lib _will_ be used in 1.3, but it got added to
1.2 after 1.3 branched off so it doesn't exist in 1.3 yet.

- Arnout

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Subject: [Gtkradiant] Re: Patch work for FreeBSD native build

> I made some solid progress today (Sunday).  I'm using __nix__ as the
> #define, rather than __unix__ (there's apparently a gcc builtin that is
> __unix__, probably wouldn't be wise to use it without knowing more about
> it).
> I've slowed a tad - there's a problem that I ran into early on in my
> that I never resolved, and I've decided to figure it out before I
> The gist of the problem is that the preprocessor wants to rename
> idStr::toupper() and idStr::tolower() to __toupper and __tolower because
> macros which get included from FreeBSD's ctype.h:
> #define toupper(c) __toupper(c)
> #define tolower(c) __tolower(c)
> The files in question are libs/splines/util_str.(h|cpp) in Stable-1_2.  I
> think these go away in 1.3, and it appears that they aren't used outside
> the splines library, but I'd like to avoid renaming the functions, if
> possible (which is what I've done in the past to get through the build).
> So, I have a proposed solution:  it goes something like this:
> #if !defined  (__FreeBSD__)
> #include <ctype.h>
> #else
> //macro my own ::toupper(int) here
> //macro my own ::tolower(int) here
> #endif
> Not pretty, but it might work.  I only shudder at that because it does
> away from the consolidation of using __nix__ in place of __FreeBSD__
> __linux__ __APPLE__, but I already know two other places where I'm going
> !define __FreeBSD__; one is in abandoned code that ain't worth fixing, the
> other is just to get a warning-free compile (FreeBSD's malloc moved from
> malloc.h to stdlib.h a while back).
> Anyways, I've got the Construct worked around to detect the OS and append
> "-D__nix__" to $BASE_CFLAGS, if necessary.  Also, I dropped logic in
> Construct to "find" the xml2-config/gtk-config/glib-config executables and
> export those locations to Conscripts, and I have most of the Conscripts
> importing those variables and using them successfully.
> I hate to make and break a promise, but if I get any free time at work
> tomorrow, I believe I'll be dropping a new patch on bugzilla before
> For now, I gots to get sleep.
> <:)  Lyndon
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