[Gtkradiant] [Bug 197] Implement halflife and halflife mod support (counter-strike)

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Fri, 25 Oct 2002 12:48:41 -0500


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Latest small patch for halflife support

>From the CHANGES file:

  - vfsGetFullPath() can now (optionally) search PK3/WAD files
  - Half-life map loading is now un-borked (my original patch worked
    but some conditional code in the patch was incorrectly applied.
    That, coupled with the missing vfsFileExists and vfsFindFile replacements)
  - A patch to imagehl/lbmlib.cpp/LoadIDSP() was missed out, causing all sprite

    models to be reverse-rendered (due to an inverted alphamask)    
  - Renamed HydraToolz to HydraToolz-HL as it's half-life specific
    changed project files and renamed all appropriate files and directories
    (for the merge, just delete contrib/hydratoolz and apply the diff)
  - Comments on previos notes:
    - TODO: need to rationalize where the modules are placed and identify HL
specific modules
      (this affects the build system / post build step too)
      imagehl and spritemodel are halflife specific and can be placed in
	either $coreradiantdir/modules or $hlradiantdir/modules
	I've updated the .dsp files so that they are copied to
	spritemodel can actually be used for other engines, not just HL so it
makes sense
	to keep it in $coreradiantdir/modules
      hydratoolz is a half-life specific plugin and must go in
$hlradiantdir/modules as it
	is NOT to be used for any other engines.  I've also updated the "about
text" to 
	reflect this.