[Gtkradiant] ATI FireGL 8800 issues

Arnout 'RR2DO2' van Meer gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 16:21:37 +0100

Seems like with the catalyst drivers ATI broke some things again. In
their last revisions before the change Radiant worked fine, but Catalyst
broke it again. Maybe they fixed some things on their old code tree and
never put it back in the branched newer set? Dunno, anyone got any good
ati contacts? :)

- Arnout

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On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 09:55, David Olofson wrote:
> (And, I think it's about bl**dy time nVidia learns to build RAMDACs
> and/or Matrox speeds up their driver development, so I can get a real=20
> card for my F980... Can't get true 400 MHz and Linux support at all,
> any price! :-/  If anyone has any ideas, I'm interested.)

Hi KoboDeluxe man :)

Unfortunately I haven't many ideas. You could try the the XiG demo
drivers from:


for your ATi card though. They should work with your FireGL 8800 since
it's basically a Radeon 8500 (from what I know). If that solves the
problem you may want to consider purchasing them. I've heard nothing but
good from Linux / BSD users that use them. The only downside is that
they aren't free afaik. The good news is that they provide full OpenGL
1.3 support, which includes the S3TC extension needed to run Unreal
Tournament 2003 under Linux plus other things described here:



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