[Gtkradiant] [Bug 539] some RTCW md3 issues

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Sun, 26 May 2002 17:44:17 -0500


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------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2002-05-26 17:44 -------
Loaded model: models/mapobjects/light/bel_lamp_arm.md3
texture not found for shader: models/mapobjects/light/bel_lampm

bel_lampm in scripts/models.shader
need a qer_editorimage

timo@antares:/usr/local/games/wolfenstein/main$ find . -name '*.pk3' -exec unzip
-l {} \; | grep bel_lamp 
     1230  11-01-01 16:01   models/mapobjects/light/bel_lamp.blend.jpg
     2233  11-01-01 16:01   models/mapobjects/light/bel_lamp.jpg

bel_lamp_top128.md3 is on bel_lampm shader too

Loaded model: models/mapobjects/wine/wine_barrel.md3
texture not found for shader: models/mapobjects/wine/wine_c01
texture not found for shader: models/mapobjects/wine/wine_c02
texture not found for shader: models/mapobjects/wine/wine_c01

textures/props/wine_c01 and 02 in props.shader need qer_editorimage

I have updated models.shader and props.shader

after making the updates to models.shader and props.shader, realized that the
md3 were broken:
bel_lamp_arm.md3 points to models/mapobjects/light/bel_lampm.tga
which doesn't exist, engine prolly takes out .tga and looks for shader
added code in md3surface.cpp to take extension out

then, models/mapobjects/wine/wine_barrel.md3 wants to load
models/mapobjects/wine/wine_c01 which doesn't exist .. there's
textures/props/wine_c01 instead.
this is probably the thing about .mdc -> .md3 export being broken
using an hex editor (ghex on Linux), fixed wine_barrel.md3

sumary of files modified: models.shader props.shader wine_barrel.md3
updated the Linux setup

this fix is there as a 'proof of concept / explanation' on how shader/md3
problems need to be debugged and fixed. It's very tedious to go through every
single model and look for a fix. I won't have time to do it further myself, but
I'll glably accept .shader updates and fixed .md3 

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