[Gtkradiant] [Bug 526] missing/incorrect stuff in wolf_entities.def

gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 24 May 2002 19:25:06 -0500


rfm@redshift.com changed:

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           Platform|                            |All

------- Additional Comments From rfm@redshift.com  2002-05-24 19:25 -------
Changes in attached file:

entities to bbox from g_client.c

made team_CTF_xxxplayer entities half as bright as _xxxspawn, so that you can
distinguish them.

Added worldspawn flags described in g_local.h for MP. Found no reference to
spawnflags in SP.

Added descriptions of gridsize, blocksize and _fogclip. Should fogclip be in
there, since it is only supported by wolfradiant and ydnar q3map2 ?

spelling taget=>target

document scriptname key for func_explosive

keys for target_script_trigger
Existing description says ainame is required, but mp uses scriptname. I presume
ainame is used in SP ?

document scriptname in team_WOLF_checkpoint

trigger_objective_info fix description of ALLIED_OBJECTIVE

document that script_mover needs and origin brush

document targetname in path_corner (since it is used by script as well as
traditional manner)
NOTE: Some of the other path_corner stuff looks like it might be quake
leftovers. When used with script_movers they don't target anything, and the
spawn flags are not used.

changed func_group to same color as it is in quake3 def file, rather than black,
so it is distinguishable and visible in gtkradiant default color schemes.

The arrows that are displayed on player starts seem to be done by radiant. It
would be nice to have thise on the props and misc_mg42. Even nicer would be to
display the models that go with the props, but I couldn't find models for those.

Looks like new stuff was added in the latest wolf patch, specifically scriptname
and targetname on spawn points, and _farplanedist. I haven't added these.

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