[Gtkradiant] [Bug 197] Implement halflife and halflife mod support (counter-strike)

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Sat, 18 May 2002 07:52:24 -0500


------- Additional Comments From hydra@hydras-world.com  2002-05-18 07:52 -------
Latest diff, here's the changes:

  - "Wad" keypairs are now used when loading a map and speeds up map loading
    significantly. This sorts out quite a few issues that could otherwise occur.
  - Map loader now uses textures from wads listed in the the "wad" keypair 
  - Added a texture name mapping cache system to the .map loader
    this significantly improves load times of maps that don't store texture
    names along with paths (e.g. "mytexture" not "mytextures/mytexture".)
  - Added vfsFileExists() to the vfs table (for above) and added it to
    vfspk3 and vfswad
  - Map loading and saving times are printed to the console.    
  - Wad file names from the "wad" key pair are logged to the console when
    a map is loaded
  - The user is informed if the textures loaded were not found in the
    wad files in the "wad" keypair.
  - The user is informed if the textures was not found in any wad file at all
    (Q2/HL only, the shader module still gives you similar information for other
    games when a shader activation fails)
  - Added basic support in mapq3 for reading maps saved by Worldcraft 2.2+
    in .map format (It uses [ ]'s round some of the texture co-ordinates)
    TODO: do we need to be able to save a map in this format too ?
  - Added support for loading ZHLT style point files (*.lin)
  - Added wad filename information when loading textures.
    (This helps take the ambiguity out of which wad files textures come from,
    so that we can correctly setup the worldspawn "wads" e-pair manually.)
    Note: This will be removed when the "wads" worldspawn key is built by 
  - added vfsFindFile() to vfs table.
  - VFSWAD: vfsLoadFile() no longer ignores paths when loading textures
    (this was by design, but the design has changed for the better)
  - When loading a Quake2 map file, vfsFindFile() is used to find the actual 
path of
    the shader/texture being loaded.
    This fixes all the weird issues that crop up when we were able to use non
    wad-relative texture names (<shader>) and wad-relative(<wadname>/<shader>).
    (such as having an image loaded twice in memory.)
    We also now get the correct shader name in the suface inspector too.
    Note: not sure if this code should stay in the map parser, or wether it 
    be moved to where shaders are first initialised.
    Note: maybe this needs to be when a halflife map is loaded, not 
specifically a
    quake2 map file.
  - added EClass_SupportsMultiple to the EClass loader API.
    Note: this is poop.  FGD files can be additive but radiant makes it so they 
can't be.
    This function would not be needed if the eclass loader itself took care of 
the init,
    rather then the manager taking care of the init.  Also note that if the 
loader were
    to take care of the init then FGD files *CAN* be additive, as it's not down 
to the
    format of the FGD files.  However, it'll do for the moment because all the 
    FGD files that come with halflife and it's mods are meant to be used one at 
a time.
  - removed support for having an additional (not external) eclass loader.
    Just ifdef'd for now, grep for USEADDITIONALECLASSLOADER.
    We never mix entity definition formats and synapse.config allows us to just 
have the
    right one and also there is no mechanism for setting g_bHaveEClassExt 
  - Texture subset on by default for halflife.
  - default texture scale is now set to 1 instead of 0.5 for halflife.
    (needs to be 1 for q1/q2 too)
  - patch toolbar disabled by default for halflife and it's also disabled
    in the preferences so it can't be turned back on)
    (needs to be 1 for q1/q2 too)
  - bsp monitoring disabled by default for halflife
  - When you drop a light entity the epair "_light" is used instead of "light" 
(halflife specific)
  - removed -fs_game additions to the map compiler commands; ZHLT doesn't 
support it.
  - saving of contents/flags/values in q2 format maps disabled (ZHLT doesn't 
like em !#?!)
    TODO: re-enable for Q2 (but not halflife) format maps when we can
    can figure out what game/engine combo we're using from within a module
  - configured mapq3 to have dynamic VFS API too
  - Added halflife shaderlist.txt parsing back in, it's actually useful
    afterall (for editor shaders).

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