[Gtkradiant] RE: experimental GtkRadiant 1.2.8-test1 setup with JKII support

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 09 May 2002 01:44:38 +0200

Great. I will switch to the new system/ textures.

Most of the mail was intended for the other GtkRadiant developers 
otherwise. Riant built the media content from your official release, and 
there are several .glm .gla files, I'm just wondering what those are.

About map compiling:

The current q3map we distribute for Q3 and RTCW mapping is a heavily 
updated version of q3map that Ydnar has put together. A lot of bug fixes in 
the vis process and light process, radiosity (a-la-Q2) and much faster 
light stage. Those are the main changes, we have a more precise list somewhere.

Another essential feature is that we connect Radiant and the compiler 
through TCP, the compiler emits an XML stream. That way you can follow the 
progression of the build, and most of all, you can fire up the engine 
automagically when the compile is done, and get various debug information 
graphically (for instance, you can click and highlight 'duplicate plane' 
brushes, and various compile errors)

Making q3map support RTCW BSP format was fairly easy, the BSP formats were 
pretty much the same. It looks like the RBSP format is a bit different. I 
don't know if you are planning to open source the RBSP map compiler like 
q3map is, it would be a great move. The q3map changes are covered by Id 
license, so you can decide to include them in your close source compiler too.

Let me know..


At 17:33 08/05/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>What is the issue with monitoring sof2map vs q3map?
>You can't use q3map since it won't make a compatible map version. (here's a
>start of what changed - http://ugg.codealliance.ca/specs/rbsp.html)
>Here's the textures you'll need for our maps.  (from our first tools
>There are no gla or glm files for map editing, what do you mean?
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>Subject: FW: experimental GtkRadiant 1.2.8-test1 setup with JKII support
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>Subject: experimental GtkRadiant 1.2.8-test1 setup with JKII support
>Not ready for public release yet, but getting there quickly.
>This is the first complete setup with JKII support. From Riant's work to
>put together the package, plus a few code changes, then putting everything
>together in an installer. I would expect that we will release a slightly
>updated version of this within the next few days.
>Listing the current issues. I'm not pushing them yet in bugzilla, will
>probably do if some are more complicated:
>- sof2map compiler:
>This setup is not using q3map. Therefore we don't benefit from monitored
>compiling. The compiling with monitored disable works, but is really crappy
>compared to monitored.
>Several problems around this:
>- there is some work being done to compile JKII maps with q3map. we need to
>clearly identify the specifics of the JKII compiler.
>- the project settings we use currently is pointing to sof2map. we don't
>have an easy way for the user to select between different compilers at this
>- BSP monitoring defaults to ON when you start the editor. right now you
>have to manually turn it off before you compile maps
>- without BSP monitoring, we don't have 'run engine after compile'
>functionality either
>- system.pk3:
>the common/ dir is replaced by a system/ dir in JKII
>from Q3 and RTCW common texture packs, I built a system.pk3
>which is currently missing texes for:
>- curry is completely confused by JKII shaders. This is because they are in
>shaders/ instead of scripts/. Fix may not be simple since it would suppose
>access from the plugin to the g_pGameDescription (that is, if we want to
>fix cleanly and with some reproductibility)
>- startup shaders: JKII renamed what we know as 'common/' into 'system/' ..
>the prefs would need to prompt for auto-load of system/ instead of common/
>- web update shortcuts are not working
>- what are the .gla and .glm files that we distribute with the setup? are
>those used by the JKII editor?
>What I want to settle before we go live with this:
>- add the missing texes into system.pk3
>- have BSP monitoring off by default in JKII mode (actually, force disabled
>- have web update shortcut working
>- put together a walkthrough to get people started (specially explaining
>about the current compiling process)
>- populate the Help menu docs section with more JKII specific things (add a
>link to Mapcenter JKII editing forum?)