[Gtkradiant] experimental GtkRadiant 1.2.8-test1 setup with JKII support

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 09 May 2002 00:09:35 +0200

Not ready for public release yet, but getting there quickly.


This is the first complete setup with JKII support. From Riant's work to 
put together the package, plus a few code changes, then putting everything 
together in an installer. I would expect that we will release a slightly 
updated version of this within the next few days.

Listing the current issues. I'm not pushing them yet in bugzilla, will 
probably do if some are more complicated:

- sof2map compiler:
This setup is not using q3map. Therefore we don't benefit from monitored 
compiling. The compiling with monitored disable works, but is really crappy 
compared to monitored.
Several problems around this:
- there is some work being done to compile JKII maps with q3map. we need to 
clearly identify the specifics of the JKII compiler.
- the project settings we use currently is pointing to sof2map. we don't 
have an easy way for the user to select between different compilers at this 
- BSP monitoring defaults to ON when you start the editor. right now you 
have to manually turn it off before you compile maps
- without BSP monitoring, we don't have 'run engine after compile' 
functionality either

- system.pk3:
the common/ dir is replaced by a system/ dir in JKII
from Q3 and RTCW common texture packs, I built a system.pk3
which is currently missing texes for:

- curry is completely confused by JKII shaders. This is because they are in 
shaders/ instead of scripts/. Fix may not be simple since it would suppose 
access from the plugin to the g_pGameDescription (that is, if we want to 
fix cleanly and with some reproductibility)

- startup shaders: JKII renamed what we know as 'common/' into 'system/' .. 
the prefs would need to prompt for auto-load of system/ instead of common/

- web update shortcuts are not working

- what are the .gla and .glm files that we distribute with the setup? are 
those used by the JKII editor?


What I want to settle before we go live with this:
- add the missing texes into system.pk3
- have BSP monitoring off by default in JKII mode (actually, force disabled ?)
- have web update shortcut working
- put together a walkthrough to get people started (specially explaining 
about the current compiling process)
- populate the Help menu docs section with more JKII specific things (add a 
link to Mapcenter JKII editing forum?)