[Gtkradiant] [Bug 484] Clipper Color

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Wed, 01 May 2002 20:32:12 -0500


gefdavis@dingoblue.net.au changed:

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   Target Milestone|1.2.7                       |6.6.6

------- Additional Comments From gefdavis@dingoblue.net.au  2002-05-01 20:32 -------
Changing the colour in Misc > Colors > Clipper... does just what it's expected
to do, and that is to change the colour of the clip points. You are able to
change the colour of selected brushes, and normal unselected brushes, and
obviously the other listed items in the Misc>Colors menu. If you want to change
the colour of something that is not listed in that menu, well then, I'm sorry to
say, but your SOL. Unless of course, some one writes a plugin, or patches the
source to allow more control over the colour of other objects since currently
many of the colours are hard coded in the source.

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