[Gtkradiant] [Bug 530] wolf scripts/chateau.shader chateau/window_c03a_1250 bug

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------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2002-06-12 11:17 -------
grep through the shaders and cleanup..


<ydnar> remember the flares in q3test?
<TTimo> yeah you told me about this already .. so this would be flares stuff ?
<ydnar> that used a z-buffer read to determine occlusion?
<ydnar> Q3Map generates an MST_FLARE dsurf at the center of face windings for
surfaces that have shaders with "light 1" or "q3map_flareshader"
<TTimo> this is weird though, there are lots of flares in rtcw no? and they work
<ydnar> those are entity flares
<TTimo> ah
<ydnar> traced against bsp every frame
<TTimo> this explains that
<ydnar> My guess would be vestigal q3test code lingering in Wolf
<TTimo> if we remove the light 1, then that affects q3map
<TTimo> and the bsp produced won't crash people
<ydnar> Wolf shouldn't try to find/access a flare dsurf EVER because they're
NEVER rendered.
<TTimo> cause if it was an engine thing, removing the light 1 here wouldn't
solve the problem for others
<TTimo> yeah well .. if splash wants to fix the flares stuff I'll let them do it :)
* ydnar thwaps RR2DO2
<ydnar> yeah, removing all "light 1" or "q3map_flareshader" should do the trick
<TTimo> deal!

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