[Gtkradiant] [Bug 393] New: Find Brushes

gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sat, 09 Feb 2002 12:20:45 -0600


           Summary: Find Brushes
           Product: GtkRadiant
           Version: 1.2.1
        OS/Version: Windows 9x
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P1
         Component: editor
        AssignedTo: ttimo@idsoftware.com
        ReportedBy: alexander@destroyermaps.ch

This is concerning the GtkRadiant version 1.2.4-nightly:
Under misc menu there is the function "find brush" and there I found a very 
small bug.The title "find texture" has to be changed into "find brush". This is 
not exactly a bug, because only the title is false and the function is the 
right one.

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