[Gtkradiant] general look at the state of the editor

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 17:18:04 +0100

I spotted a number of things while rebuilding the editor and fixing it for
linux. Gonna list that all here, some of those items should probably be
turned into bugzilla reports, although they are fairly easy fixes in most

- if the project isn't found, the project dialog loops on itself (i.e. hit
cancel and it pops back over and over). If I hit cancel I just expect the
editor to exit.

- the XML diagnostics (parsing errors, missing files and stuff) need to go
to Radiant console. They are going to stdout right now. To help, here's a
void HandleXMLErrors( void* ctx, const char* msg, ... )
xmlSetGenericErrorFunc( this, HandleXMLErrors );

- the lookup at startup for the default project file is broken on linux

- the generation of the user project, or what's in the default project
file, don't follow path conventions (reminder: / separator, any path is
stored with a trailing /). I get several paths with // in the generated

- as I understand, a bunch of the items in the project dialog are now
useless / irrelevant / confusing / definitively broken and should be

- the BSP commands as stored in the .proj are still far from what we plan
to have in the end? i.e. command sequences, variable expansion and stuff?

- .dtd location problem: user_proj on linux is in ~/.q3a ... and can't
find the dtd that goes in /usr/local/games/quake3. I suppose XML provides
some stuff to setup a bunch of search paths for DTDs or something similar.

- Wolf needs a default project

- setup code needs to be updated to install the new stuff (for full
version, we could also have the nightly updated to provide that).

- project saving always overwrites user_project.qe4, this breaks the
cycling that we had in earlier versions. The cycling is necessary so that
we NEVER overwriting a project that the user has customized, and also to
ensure that we have several versions of the editor running on different
default_project.proj syntax and can still live together.

- linux (and prolly win32 too) doesn't prompt in the right map dir for
load if there's fs_game (it does look in ~/.q3a, but it doesn't switch
baseq3/ or missionpack/)

That's all for now. Id stuff is keeping me busy and I try to take some
time on Radiant every now and then. Going to focus on putting synapse
together in the next days.