[Gtkrad-macos] Re: [Gtkradiant] CVS: merged Apple port stuff into Stable-1_2

EvilTypeGuy gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
04 Dec 2002 09:36:01 -0600

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 09:07, Steve Linberg wrote:
> Can any of the developers maybe give a quick status update on where we are 
> as far as non-developers running the code - what works and what doesn't?

Currently I think the compilation will barf if libjpeg is installed for
whatever retarded reason.

As far as I know, q3map (map compilation) doesn't work yet, due to some
needed endianness fixes. Launching the game might not work either. Also,
XDarwin's hardware GL acceleration doesn't work right yet with
GtkRadiant but the software rendering does, although I'm told a
knowledgeable individual is looking into that. Otherwise, everything
else should work AFAIK. If it doesn't, feel free to file a detailed bug
report if you're willing to work with me to resolve the issue.

I'm hoping ydnar will have time to address the endianness issues in
q3map, and that one of the mac folks can tell me if the launch game