[Gtkradiant] Quake2 support - What needs to be done

Hydra gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 07:46:18 -0000

The main issues are as follows:

1 a vfs loader that can load files from pak files
2 an image loader than can decode the files from their format in the pak
files to RGBA format
3 map loading and saving (though most of this is probably done already)
4 surface inspector will need to be adjusted so you can set the
contents/flags/values for individual surfaces  (some old code is still in
the gtkradiant source, but commented out)
5 default project files need to be created so that you can compile the maps
from the BSP menu.
6 compiler tools need to be collated
7 a media pack needs to be created.
8 md2 (?) models need to be able to be loaded, though that can come later.

Those are the main issues.  The Half-life stuff that I've done in the 1.3
tree will no doubtedly help you acheive this pretty quickly.

Dom / Hydra

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> A Quake2 game editing pack for GtkRadiant would be easy to put together.
> However we'd need a motivated developer to step forward and help us put it
> together

What needs to be done? I'd like to help out (Quake2 support + Q2 mods).

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