[Gtkradiant] debating on reporting a bug/FreeBSD news

Lyndon Griffin gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 22:44:58 -0400

It's pretty minor, but technically it is a bug.  In the setup/ portion of 
the GtkR tree for 1.2, at least, setup/linux/config/main.data requires at 
least some of the binaries for a wolf build in the <binary arch="any" ... > 
tag.  This does break if you wanted a q3 only tree (such as makesdk.pl 
q3.cf).  But, as TTimo pointed out, the likelihood that anyone other than me 
would build for q3 only is pretty low, so I'm hesitant to actually point it 
out as a bug.  Thus, I open it for discussion, here (there's nobody on 
#qeradiant right now, but I don't want to forget to bring it up). 

Incidentally, this is stopping me from releasing the native FreeBSD build of 
GtkR that I completed on Tuesday.  I have a hacked-together setup which I 
arrived at by downloading the Linux 1.2.9 setup and replacing the right 
pieces manually, but I believe that it's missing something, hence my desire 
to get setup working correctly.  Any input appreciated. 

Also, I have been working with Tig as a tester on the FreeBSD release.  
We've run into a problem that's got us both stumped --and it may be hardware 
related, we're not sure-- but while I have two fairly different FreeBSD 
boxes running the native build, he's not able to get it running at all.  The 
symptoms of his problem are 1) no GUI shows up when GtkR is executed, and 2) 
a continuous loop of "@@GLX Context created" messages show up on his 
STDOUT/STDERR.  The GLX messages are pretty obviously coming from the X 
server, as GLX is the X4-bundled Mesa libs.  We have verified using ldd 
against the radiant executable that he has all the correct so's in the 
correct places.  Below is a copy of the relevant pieces of his XF86Config: 

Section "Module"
       Load  "extmod"
       Load  "xie"
       Load  "pex5"
       Load  "glx"
       Load  "dri"
       Load  "dbe"
       Load  "record"

No, we haven't verified that this exactly matches either of my two configs - 
I know it might make sense to do that, but it could also prevent his X or my 
X from running at all, since we have different HW.  Has anyone seen this 
"@@GLX Context" message in lieu of a GUI, on any product not just GtkR, and 
if so, what was the fix/workaround, if any? 


<:)  Lyndon (aka farenheit)