[Gtkradiant] [Bug 609] New: Quake II support

gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 11:52:42 -0500


           Summary: Quake II support
           Product: GtkRadiant
           Version: 1.3
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: editor
        AssignedTo: ttimo@idsoftware.com
        ReportedBy: ttimo@idsoftware.com

Yes! You can definitely help. Basically Q2 support is stalled because everyone
is busy elsewhere. I'm gonna give you a rundown on the situation and use this
mail to file in a todo item / bug report in bugzilla. That will make it easier
to track down Q2 support further down the road.

First of all, I'm marking Q2 support in the 1.3 milestone, as there are some
changes involved that require the 1.3 architecture. I know some work has been
done already on Q2 support, basically we need to gather everything we could
potentially use at this point and get it integrated.

>From what I remember, the main things are:

- map format support
This is partly done, last I remember, we have the 1.3 map module providing APIs
for Q3 format / HL format .. need to tweak for Q2 format too.

- surface flags
The surface inspectors need to be enhanced to have the surface / content flags
UI. This requires a specific module and some API written. I think ^Fishman had
started doing some of this so maybe he can shed some light. In any case that's
something I'd like to have a look at and hack together myself as it will matter
to some other games.

- tools
I'm not sure what state the map compiler tools are in. Would be good to hack in
XML feedback maybe, or at least we will need the relevant BSP commands and
engine spawn working with it.

- setup
Putting the sample maps, the docs, the binaries and everything into an
additional GtkR game pack. That's InstallShield work on windows and lokisetup
work on Linux.The first step is to gather all the files, in a similar way to
what we have done for RTCW, JKII, SOF2 etc. :

I think that's it basically. Right now we don't have a setup for 1.3, so for 1.3
developement you have to install a 1.2 setup, copy over some additional files
that we added in the 1.3 stuff, compile GtkRadiant 1.3 and run it with the new
environement. Questions should be directed to the GtkRadiant dev mailing list
(see zerowing) or on the IRC channel irc.telefragged.com #qeradiant