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That's what I currently do, since its so darned quick; I have a small batch
that compiles the region and fires up q3 in a tiny rez window, and I move
the window over where the camera window is so I can see the effects of all
the new q3map2 options. Yea I have to alt_tab between the two and I wind up
confusing my movement keys from time to time, but I suppose it's the "poor
man's" engine-in-editor tool until something better comes along.

A dream would be something from ID, like a miniquake, along with the
compiler that would take the current clipping plane from the camera or
another setting direct from gtk, define that as the region, and load the app
in the camera view with the gtk binds for movement after the compiler tells
gtk that the compile was a success and it wrote a bsp. Vis doesn't matter,
just the lighting. Although slower computers might have problems, my system
using my method I can usually go up for a cup of water or something and come
back and it's up, at the longest. Mostly regions are done within seconds

Someone made an application that allows q3 levels to load in q2, maybe
something slimmed down of that version can be used, I guess, if someone
wanted to be venturesome and hook it to gtk. Obviously mod-specific ents
won't be drawn, or even able to 'play' in it, but not much needs to be
loaded into it to just look at the thing.


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> *cough* region compiles *cough*
> (in a slightly modified way of course)
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