[Gtkradiant] Re: GtkRadiant running on FreeBSD!

Lyndon Griffin gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Wed, 07 Aug 2002 09:20:04 -0400

Timothee Besset writes: 

> That's great news. A few things: 
> - I'd be looking forward to integrate BSD build patches into the tree. The best solution to get this rolling is to open a bug item on bugzilla and attach the patch there. 
> - If you are willing to produce BSD binaries for releases, then we should be able to provide setups for BSD. Basically the BSD binaries would come with the Linux bins in the same setup (I know some adaptations are going to be needed, but the lokisetup tool was designed to hold binaries for several OSes)


I actually started looking into the setup stuff last night, and notice that 
there are FreeBSD cases in there ;)  Haven't gotten far with that, tho. 

Please allow me to see if there's any way to trim the patch size down.  It's 
very large, like 80k or so, even though 99% of the work was either adding a 
#define FreeBSD or changing xml-config to xml2-config in a Conscript. 

Which brings up an interesting question.  FreeBSD's ports collection, which 
allows multiple concurrent installs of GTK/Glib and others by installing 
them in different paths and keeping track of that.  A user is not forced to 
use the ports system.  My patchwork has in mind a ports install of GTK/Glib 
and xmlparser.  So err umm hmmm...  do I keep the work for the ports?  If 
the answer is no, then the size of the patch reduces by like 30% (the 
Conscripts).  But, if the answer is yes, the Conscripts change in an 
unfriendly fashion.  Don't know that much about cons, but I don't see any 
architecture-specific cases in any of the existing stuff, so this may not be 
nice.  Guess I should look into it, no?  Maybe I'll save the Conscript 
patches until this piece is resolved. 

<:)  Lyndon