[Gtkradiant] [Bug 467] radiant accepts to load textures with spaces in name?

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Mon, 22 Apr 2002 12:13:48 -0500


------- Additional Comments From wjoseph@europe.ea.com  2002-04-22 12:13 -------
Not allowing spaces in material names is game-specific, not global.
Texdef_t is game-specific (quake-specific). If texdef_t does not store names 
containing spaces, maps cannot be saved with spaces in their texture names.

Effect: you can still load textures to display in the texture window that 
contain spaces in their names, but you cannot apply them to quake 
brushes/patches that use texdef_t.

implementation of quakeX standard texdef.

quakeX has some rules about texture names.
1. no spaces.
2. case-insensitive.

texdef_t is a quake-specific object which defines the way textures are applied 
to a brush face.
It handles:
texture name (a.k.a shader name) which is a named handle for a 2d image map 
(generated from a shader)
texture coordinate generation (shift/scale/rotate, axial projection which 
depends on the texture dimensions)

Important Methods:
SetName - takes a string, converts to acceptable QuakeX format and stores as 
texture name.
	This conversion can be done on the fly as the texture name is read in, 
involves no additional memory allocation.
	SetName is not called during speed-critical interactive stages 
	On-the-fly conversion may incur very minor overhead on loading a map.

easy to implement: all access of texdef_t::name currently goes through 

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