[Gtkradiant] halflife support for 1.2

Hydra gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 03:35:26 +0100

Ok, I've gone and done it:


I'll take charge of making GTKRadiant 1.2 work with halflife and
halflife mods such as day of defeat and counter-strike.

I've looked at the 1.1 and 1.2 source and, like yourselves, feel that it
will be much better if I concentrated my work on 1.2 as multiple
game support is the way the GTKRadiant editor is heading and some
of the work I would have needed to do has already been done.

I've found some free source code for loading up WAD3 files, created
by the guys who make WALLY (WAD/PAK file explorer/creator/editor)
and I'll be making a plugin to support WAD3 files.

I'll also be working on some 1.2 features such as per-game
configurations, in the first instance, getting GTKRadiant to start-up
and load without any references to Quake3 and PK3 files.

Also, with this in mind, I feel that the default installation path of
GTKRadiant on Win32 platforms should be "%program files%\GTKRadiant",
rather than "\quake3\gtkradiant". so anyone working on the setup
scripts and the like should be aware of this.

Also, I'm talking here like what I'm saying is gospel, if anyone disagrees
with anything I'm saying then let me know, and let me know why, Then
we can sort stuff out.  But, I do have to work to a plan and this is it so

Implementing HalfLife/CounterStrike support will raise much needed
awareness of GTKRadiant in the massive HalfLife/Counter-Strike
community and I feel that we will all benefit from having more people
becoming interested in GTKRadiant as a result.  There's loads of CS
mappers out there that bitch and whine that they can't make
improvements to Worldcraft (closed-source), so if we provide them with
an alternative to WorldCraft they will help make GTKRadiant even better.


Hydra / Dom