[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant for CounterStrike Mapping

Arnout 'RR2DO2' van Meer gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 00:53:00 +0100

You really should look in gtkrad 1.2 and it's module based core.

- Arnout

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Subject: [Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant for CounterStrike Mapping

> Ok, seeing as alot of people are spending lots of time playing CS and
> there's more CS servers than for any other on-line game, I thought it'd
> it a shot.  It's good, I like it a lot.  (Not as much as Q3 CTF though)
> I then thought about a few maps that I could create, and me and a few
> from www.uplinkcybercafe.co.uk (Which is where I've been/doing for these
> last few months) have decided to make some maps for CS.
> I look into the map editing tools and find most people use worldcraft,
> god-damn, that programs sucks.  It's soo much easier to create things in
> GTKRadiant which is also what I'm used to.  So, I then find out you can
> QERadiant 147 to do maps,  better I thought, but it's still not GTKRadiant
> is it :-)
> So, I thought that it'd be nice to be able to use GTKRadiant to do the
> mapping in because it's just so much nicer.
> My first problem comes with the texturing support.  GTKRadiant can't
> WAD files (correct me if I'm wrong on that..), so at the moment I do all
> editing in GTKRadiant and then texture the map in QERadiant.  Not an ideal
> solution, but still far better than using WorldCraft (shudder).
> So, this message is first to say:
> a) please don't make too many changes that would affect me doing this
> removing legacy Quake2 code).
> and, more importantly:
> b) *I* will be adding changes to the source code to try and re-implement
> file support.
> I don't know how I'm going to do this yet, or if anyone else has done work
> on this.
> If anyone knows of any source that shows the format of wad files, or
> anything else to do with wad files then please let me know and provide
> or e-mails where appropriate.
> If what I write ends up being useful (and there's a great many CS mappers
> out there struggling with worldcraft, so I'm sure it will be) then what
> the chances of getting it included in the main CVS tree.  Obviously I
> require GTKRadiant for mapping Q3 on my own machine, so I'll be looking to
> modify GTKRadiant so that it will support Q3 and CS/HL at the same time
> a modified game/project configuration dialog).
> With this in mind, people may want to install my version on machines that
> might not have Q3 and might not have HL/CS, so can people not start tieing
> GTKRadiant to the Q3 directory structure too much.
> I realise there's quite a bit of work that I'd have to do on this, but I
> think it will be reasonably straight-forward enough and not beyond my
> capabilities as a programmer.
> PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS IDEA,  the more feedback and do's/don'ts I get the
> better.
> Dom / Hydra
> p.s. has anyone tried compiling GTKRadiant in Visual Studio .NET ?  As
> is what I'll be using from now on.
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