[Gtkradiant] [Bug 176] New: qer_editorimage's are only read when stored under '/textures...'

gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 08:19:43 -0500


           Summary: qer_editorimage's are only read when stored under
           Product: GtkRadiant
           Version: 1.1-TA.1-nightly
        OS/Version: Windows 2000
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P2
         Component: editor
        AssignedTo: ttimo@idsoftware.com
        ReportedBy: karl.off@berlin.de

Until now, Radiant does not read qer_editorimages for shaders in directories 
other than '/textures/...'. The reason behind my request is that I'm working on 
models that use textures/shaders which I would like to be reusable in Radiant 
for world brushes (by a shader file). I'm working around the problem now by 
creating a folder under '/textures' with copies of the tgas 
in '/models/mapobjects...' which is read by radiant but not required for 
compiling or playing. This increases download size and may lead to coordination 


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