[Gtkradiant] [Bug 160] mouse wheel not working on win32

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Sun, 02 Sep 2001 14:13:04 -0500


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------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2001-09-02 14:13 -------
Radiant on win32 is built against Gtk 1.3
Radiant linux is built against Gtk 1.2

in 1.3 the mouse stuff has changed to use a GDK_SCROLL event
I played a lot trying to get it to work, but it looks very broken
sent emails to the gimpwin-dev mailing list to try and get some help
the thread starts here:

still messing with the code fairly heavily to find out what the shit is .. 
created a GtkWheel branch on GtkRadiant/ and src/ with the changes

might have to push back the issue to 1.2 if no solution is found, spent way too 
much time on it already

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