[Gtkradiant] 1.2 roadmap

djbob gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Wed, 30 May 2001 14:46:44 +0100 (BST)

yeah, when my modem finally arrives, should be
definately less than 2 weeks now, i should be able to
contribute some more time to this, i have a few bug
fixes from spog's todo list done already.

as for the performance stuff, yes, im interested :]


--- Timothee Besset <timo@qeradiant.com> wrote: > Good
luck with your final exams.. you'll let us know
> what happens. I haven't
> heard from rhino3d since they launched their CAD
> software (was it last year?).
> Good to know they are still around. I was lucky
> enough to get contracted by
> Id, so I can go on coding on Radiant and linux Q3 ..
> otherwise I would
> probably have had to find another job too. That's
> why I'm trying to keep the
> project as open as possible, because people come and
> go.. lately Spog became a
> new and very active developer .. and djbob will
> probably start contributing
> too.
> I began merging the Alpha branch into the trunk.
> There's no telling when I
> will be done though. Might be a few days. After I
> commit that, everybody will
> be able to grab it and compile/help fixing it.
> Merging is a very tedious work,
> most of the time it breaks a bunch of things on the
> way.
> As for a performance measurement tool, I think djbob
> is interested too.
> Ideally this would be a plugin for Radiant. More
> realistic we'll prolly have
> to put in some #ifdef on the way. Very roughly what
> it should do:
> - block non-GL related stuff (i.e. kill console
> output during the test)
> - perform and time a few operations, a full 360
> rotation, or following a
> defined path in a map
> - output some statistics, average FPS, min/max, and
> dump info (GL info,
> settings (flat, texture quality etc.), brushes
> count, patches, entities
> rendering mode etc.
> TTimo

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