[Gtkradiant] [Bug 17] Spawnflags issues

gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 04:11:56 -0500


------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2001-07-22 04:11 -------
VideoCard: asus v3400 agp
3D VideoCard: asus v3400 agp
VideoDrivers: latest of asus
OpenGL Drivers: same
System RAM: 256
Hard Drive space: 4gb
Operating System: w2k sp1
QERadiant Version: gtk 1.1-TA
Install (Full or upgrade): 
Sender's e-mail: martijn@sitekix.com
When building ctf maps I have separate files for blue base, red, and neutral.
Now, ie: when I load the red base into the blue base (using the load-option) all
(spawn)flags on entities are reset of the loaded map (ie: target_speaker >
global option, are turned off, even though I checked them originally). Known bug?

I now have to manually run through all entities again to verify that all flags
are set properly (not the keys, they're fine).