[Gtkradiant] roadmap, developement process (Was: realtime lighting)

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 01 Jul 2001 12:35:07 +0200

Ok .. there are plenty of other areas to work on anyway. I've tried to keep
this list updated about the current status and to produce roadmaps for next
release, so I hope it's rather easy to select critical areas that need working

A few notes though: I think the problems with real-time lighting is typical of
something I see happening with SmallPileOfGibs too. We all have long-term
objectives on GtkRadiant, because it is much more rewarding to think about
radical changes when planning new stuff. But the most important thing is to be
able to write down a clean way to get there, something that other developers
will be able to integrate with their own work. Experience shows that this
requires a minimal documentation effort, and step-by-step implementation.

Radiant is not a good example of clean source code. The software has been
holding together because so far there was mostly a single developer working on
it. The state of the source code and the developement model wouldn't scale to
several developers and a more distributed effort. I have emphasized several
times on the importance of documentation in the last few months, and I might
get to a point where I will write it down as a FAQ item prior to any
developement effort. But the summary is very short:
- list the general objective
- set up a list of features required and criticial issues that will have to be
- propose an implementation (classes, interfaces, new files and headers) which
is based on our current coding patterns.


Pablo Zurita wrote:

> After "wasting" around 3 months I have decided to stop my work on real-time
> lighting because I haven't been able to get good results. That doesn't mean
> that I will stop working on GtkRadiant, I will just move the focus to other
> stuff and leave the real-time lighting for the future when I get more
> knowledge on the subject, I will keep doing experiments but it wont be my
> main focus. I know people expected real-time lighting but the result of my
> code wasn't acceptable. Ok, cya.
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