[Gtkradiant] [Bug 111] New: slow GtkRadiant - linux / NVidia drivers / RedHat 7.1

gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 01 Jul 2001 03:49:02 -0500


           Summary: slow GtkRadiant - linux / NVidia drivers / RedHat 7.1
           Product: GtkRadiant
           Version: 1.2
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
 Status Whiteboard:
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: editor
        AssignedTo: ttimo@idsoftware.com
        ReportedBy: ttimo@idsoftware.com

<Primer> timo!
<Primer> mon amí!
<Primer> dude, trying to get radiant working on Linux...
<Primer> downloaded 1.2, compiled it, compiled the plugins
<Primer> it "runs", but it's...god aweful slow
<Primer> nvidia driver
<Primer> and it's NOT using Mesa
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<TTimo> back!
<TTimo> the trunk is fairly experimental
<Primer> well. 1-1 isn't working well for me
<TTimo> I'm not sure that's what you would want to build ..
<TTimo> you should try building from the Alpha branch
<Primer> I have this issue where I create a brush, the drag a side, and it's DOG SLOW
<TTimo> that's the current stable release
<TTimo> mh .. did you try loading a texture set?
<Primer> and it hangs my X while it moves the side one square every 5 seconds
<Primer> yes
<Primer> I can load textures just fine
<TTimo> I remember it did that when you were using the default texture
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<TTimo> if you load a texture set and set the current texture to something it didn't happen
<Primer> hrmm
<Primer> I could swear that I did that and I continued to have the issue...
<Primer> is the linux tree comparable to the windows tree in terms of features, stability?
<Primer> are they in sync?
<TTimo> yes
<Primer> ok
<Primer> hrmm
<TTimo> maybe a few tweaks to apply on linux for Alpha branch
<TTimo> (cause I've been working on win32 Alpha yesterday)
<TTimo> but we release stuff in sync anyway
<Primer> the latest nvidia driver has been quite stable for all my 3d stuff
<Primer> for example, Maya runs VERY well
<TTimo> well
<TTimo> I have NVidia hardware too
<TTimo> and Radiant works great
<Primer> in Linux?
<TTimo> yes
<Primer> what distro?
<TTimo> Debian
<Primer> of course
<TTimo> heh :)
<Primer> I use redhate 7.1
<TTimo> mh
<TTimo> 7.1 ? that's tad old
<TTimo> err actually .. I was thinking about mandrake
<Primer> yeah, 7.1 is latest redhate
<Primer> http://sh.nu/mon/radiant.jpg
<Primer> check that out
<Primer> I have twinview
<TTimo> ah
<TTimo> maybe that's a problem with dual head systems then
<Primer> I dunno
<TTimo> what is your setup to have two monitors? you have two X displays?
<Primer> twinview card
<TTimo> or localhost:0.0 localhost:0.1 ?
<Primer> nvidia dual head card
<Primer> no
<Primer> it's one card
<TTimo> ah ok
<Primer> 2 rgb 15 outputs
<Primer> it's treated as if it were one card
<Primer> http://sh.nu/mon/head-001.jpg
<TTimo> so it's like a desktop with a wiiide resolution
<TTimo> I didn't know nvidia sold that
<Primer> they've had this for quite a while now
<TTimo> heh .. that your kid :)
<Primer> this is a geforce 2 mx with twinview
<Primer> winfast leadtek geforce 2 mx dh pro
<Primer> is the make/model
<TTimo> well .. it's not a "very" standard setup, so I would think that's the problem
<Primer> you gonna be here for a while? what time is it there?
<TTimo> did all versions of Radiant have the problem with this setup?
<Primer> yes
<Primer> abut I had this same problem on my old gf1 ddr
<Primer> same EXACT problem
<TTimo> so, the ones you downloaded as binary and the ones you compiled
<Primer> yes
<Primer> and on the old card too
<Primer> the old card was a single head
<TTimo> mh .. I don't think I would be able to reproduce the problem .. I have single head gf1 and it's been working great ..
<Primer> ok, let me test now
<TTimo> you would have to build it and try to track down the performance hit
<Primer> I quit q3
<Primer> 1-1TA?
<TTimo> yeah that's the latest stab;e
<TTimo> stable even
<Primer> btw, the instructions for downloading the source from cvs...
<Primer> says that I need to get Alpha GtkRadint for 1-1, and just GtkRadiant dor 1.2
<Primer> I believe this is...backwards?
<TTimo> no no
<TTimo> the stable version is on a branch
<TTimo> and the experimental one is in the trunk
<Primer> ok, that textures thing...no go
<TTimo> cause the main developement work is supposed to be happening on 1.2 now
<Primer> maybe I should nuke my ~/.q3as/radiant?
<TTimo> that may be a good idea
<Primer> damn, it just hangs
<Primer> I sometimes have to wait literally minutes before I get a response from the app
<TTimo> err
<TTimo> you should definitely compile a debug build and try to find out where it's hanging
<Primer> I'm gonna re-install 1-1
<Primer> heh
<Primer> I'm not much of a coder
<TTimo> mh
<TTimo> well I could get you some debug builds and stuff I guess
<Primer> I knew enough to add -I../incude to the Makefile though :)
<Primer> err
<Primer> -I../include
<Primer> well, I'm willing to compile it
<Primer> if you give me a few pointers
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<TTimo> I need to work some on current Alpha
<TTimo> and make sure it's building
<Primer> well, I jkust built it
<Primer> it builds
<Primer> :P
<TTimo> mh ok .. that means it wasn't too bad
<Primer> so, cvs co Alpha GtkRadiant?
<Primer> and that will get me 1-1TA?
<TTimo> cvs co -r Alpha GtkRadiant
<Primer> ok
<TTimo> that will get you .. 1.1-TA.1
<TTimo> i.e. a bugfix build of 1.1-TA we are preparing
<Primer> ok
<Primer> pulling it down now
<TTimo> I'll open a bug report on bugzilla about it
<Primer> is it simply a matter of setting a debug flag in the Makefile?