[freespace2] CVS build problem (OpenAL + amd64) and questions

Taylor Richards mtrs at bellsouth.net
Sat Sep 3 18:06:35 EDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 23:42 +0200, Jonathan Ballet wrote:
> My configuration : Debian amd64 sid up to date, with OpenAL dev libs 
> installed.
> Could it be a 64bits port problem ?

64-bit should work fine, that's what I use.  The errors you got are
typical of an older version of OpenAL.  Most versions included with
distros are still 0.0.6 or older.  You need to be using at least 0.0.7
so try to find a newer version if you can.  You need to be careful about
trying to use OpenAL CVS since it's a different API now so you need to
use a different branch.  The checkout instructions on the OpenAL website
will tell you all about that though.

> And, to finish, somes questions :) :
> - what are the relations between Icculus port and fs2_open ?

The Linux port of fs2_open was based on the icculus.org port, however it
has deviated a bit since then.  Other than that about the only common
thing is, me. ;)  Some memory usage, speed, and basic function fixes get
brought over from fs2_open since that's where I make and test the
changes first.

> - do you plan to update the README file, or maybe the Icculus web page : 
> it is quite old, and it didn't give much informations of the project's 
> state.

I can't remember what was up with the website but I may just send an
e-mail to Zakk and see about taking over the updates.  The README will
be updated before too much longer.  I'm working on a bunch of FreeSpace
1 updates (as well as a ton of work on fs2_open) and some updates to the
joystick code as well as optimizations to the OpenGL code that are in
fs2_open.  When I get the time to finish up all of that I'll update CVS
with all of the code and freshen the README files.


Taylor Richards <taylor at icculus.org>

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