[freespace2] Re: Questions.

Taylor Richards mtrs at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 20 10:25:45 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-20 at 15:44 +0200, Michal Wozniak wrote:
>  1: Tried to compile in FS1 mode. it fails to load pixels.tbl (this
> file
>  doesn't seem to be in any .vp archive. Is FS mode supposed to work? 

There is an extra VP that you'll need.  It has fixes or missing files
for all of the bugs that I never worked out when I originally made the
port.  You can get the VP here: http://icculus.org/~taylor/freespace
(but please ignore that fact that it hasn't been updated in forever :)

There is a US/UK and a German version of the fs1.vp file.  Get whatever
you prefer, it's not dependent on your game version.  The only
difference between the two is that one mission will be in German with
the German version.

This file will be obsolete before too much longer though.  I'm going to
handle the missing tbls in code and fix the slider control that messes
up the detail options screen (the VP includes fixed artwork for that).
Right now there is one mission included in the VP to fix a bug that I
have yet to track down.  When I do I'll get all of the updated FS1 code
in CVS.

Also note that the code is meant to work with the Silent Threat add-on
so you have to update your FS1 data to at least version 1.04.  I have
1.06 updates at the link above in case you need one.  If you get the
updater then you don't have to download the fs1.vp file as it's already
installed with the version update.

>  2: Is music supported?

Should be.  Are you having a problem with it?  I actually don't think I
ever really tested with FS1 music files though so it may not.  If it
doesn't let me know and I'll be sure to get that fixed when I commit the
updated audio code.


Taylor Richards <taylor at icculus.org>

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