new to list, big thank you

Mark J. Small msmall at
Fri Jun 3 11:11:32 EDT 2005

Hi everybody,

I recently picked up a copy of FS2 on ebay, and am using the linux port (CVS 
from a few days ago) of it.  I must say that this is my best experience with 
linux gaming yet.  I have played about 16 missions so far, and things are 
working really well. Thank you for the hard work.

I've had  NO crashes, and the only glitch is that the audio in the post 
missions debriefings will often restart.  I'll hear something like:

"Well done pilot, you succe[chop] Well done pilot, you succeeded in destroying 

Movies work great, everything else seems perfect.  I really think that 
Freespace1/2 are the second greatest games I've ever played.  (The best is 
still Tie Fighter, but that will never be linux native)


ps Is there a mailing list archive for this list?

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