tweaking freespace to run with DRI on Radeon

Maxim Baranov maxbaranov at
Tue Jun 17 11:52:09 EDT 2003


When I run freespace or freespace2 on my pc 
(SuSE 8.1,XFree 4.2 with DRI, Radeon Mobility) 
I notice strange artefacts: some parts of ships are
overlapping or  transparent.

This is actualy a DRI problem with Radeon, but several
games have their quirks to solve similar problems. For
example descent3 and SoF have option to disable

Recently I looked into the code of ship.cpp and played
with render_flags. When I added MR_NO_ZBUFFER to this
flag, my problem disappeared. I was very happy untill
I noticed another problem caused by disabling zbuffer.

In freespace I was able to see bright outline of the
engines through the ship. In freespace2 the situation
was even worse: I saw all engines.

I'm a C++ programmer, but has no knowledge of OpenGL

Please, Advice.

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