[crysis] Patch v1.3 won't start

Jerome Lepage - AKEROZ j.lepage at akeroz.net
Wed Dec 24 07:03:51 EST 2008


I respond to myself, in case that help somebody.

Apparently commands "g_nextlevel" and "map xxx" is not taken in server.cfg anymore.
They are taken from "autoexec.cfg" after "rcon" commands.

Server works, but at this time i can't connect and manage by Rcon.
If anyone have a clue about that... or a working rcon experience....

Happy Christmas to all.


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  Hi Ryan (and All),

  I try to update the servers to version 1.3.
  I update "game" and "tools" folders from windows patched game.
  I update Binarys.

  I make a symbolic link to "game" from "Game" folder

  When i launch server, i can't apply the "g_nextlevel" command.
  All i have is on fp_log.txt

  [Warning] [flow] FG-0x0xb2722b38 was destroyed with pending updates/activations. Report follows...
  [Warning] [flow] Pending nodes:

  x 50 times

  Have you a clue ?
  I don't see something wrong in strace log too.. : /

  Thanks by advance.

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