[cod] Dedicated MW3

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Mon Nov 7 13:53:47 EST 2011

Ok figured that out, the example config is broken
seems config run from sv_config only apply vars in
the following formats:-
seta <var> <value>
<var> <value>
g_password "testpassword"
seta g_password "testpassword"
and not how their example config is formatted
set g_password "testpassword"

Always good when the examples are broken ;-)


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> As far as I can tell atm the config system is broken :(
> It says its loading the config which is now set using
> sv_config <filename> but nothing loads
> "exec" from previous games seems to have been removed
> as has all the other useful commands like cmdlist, dvarlist
> etc
> I've got some basic commands working when I use them
> on the console or on the command line but without
> sv_config working correctly the servers useless.

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