[cod] Timeouts in HLSW on Cod4 Linux

Silent silent at ccmail.cc
Fri Jul 24 05:54:05 EDT 2009

Same issue here. The RCON connection is not reliable, sometimes the 
server does not respond even when he is up and running fine.

Often (on a full server) the server does not react to a command I send 
via HLSW, I have to retry.

I'm sure this is an issue on the server. Could be this is a mechanism to 
prevent DDOS attacks thru RCON requests.

Thomas Toka / www.serverman.de schrieb:
> Hi,
> the problem is that i have timeouts on Cod4 Servers.
> Other Games do not have those timeouts on the same host.
> http://www.serverman.de/files/laag-cod4.jpg
> There are two hlsw windows on the screen.
> The one "aussen" is from outside the network.
> The second behind it "innen" shows the same server from inside the 
> network from a rpd session an a win2003 . Theres not even one Timeout
> from inside...
> I traced the route from datacenter and to datacenter and there seems
> to be no problems with latency or ping during the timeouts.
> Tried several kernels with and without realtime patch.
> Nic is a Realtek 8111c .
> Any ideas?
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