[cod] COD4 Linux server now available...

Christophe.Thomas-prest at sanofi-aventis.com Christophe.Thomas-prest at sanofi-aventis.com
Tue Nov 27 03:41:41 EST 2007

Hi..and thank you for all ryan...:)

I'am very happy :)

Just a question for the community...

To start the server with the map rotation...i put that:

./cod4_lnxded +set loc_language 1 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +map_rotate +exec server.cfg +set net_port 28960


That's good ?(i don't know if is the good option)

Thank very much in advance. (and sorry for my english)

Best regards


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> Germany Mirror:
> http://www.globe-network.net/download/server/cod4/cod4-linux-server-11
> 212007.tar.bz2

If you want, I can add you to the list that is growing here:


(Same for everyone else that has a mirror with .tar.bz2 mimetypes and no registration requirements.)


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