[cod] Unix Bins cod4 [sorry in advance]

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Mon Nov 26 21:38:03 EST 2007


i think not spamming here. But the community want the files. The game is out now a few weeks gone away. Whats wrong its all beta?
Activision let us behind a wall. UT3 the Same only Microsoft Workstations on Server Basis. The Way its meant to be played. Linux is
simply but one people need the code to distribute .... wait ... wait ... wait... cod2 are going slowly but cod4 going fastly let the
community what activision plans or we disable the game and check out to moha. This is a big finish to linux user and Microsoft have
win we offeres windows servers let all be done but cod2 takes a few month happy waiting. 90 % waiting on linux and all disturb okay
and now but finish let activision build something else -- linux is the best and now dead...

Except: Soory for my Englisch

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