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Mon Nov 26 12:10:33 EST 2007

There is a slightly difference between subscribing to an email list and
getting usefull information and subscribing to one and recieving
It doesn’t have to do with creating rules in outlook nor with the fact that
this mailing list isn’t as frequently updated as others (I even don’t care
about where you subscribed
I’didn’t complain about getting emails. So better read carefully next time
before arguing about other’s opinion.



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We have seen this kind of whining years ago in this mailinglist. 

Always the same, people subscribe to a mailinglist and are complaining about
getting  emails lol 
 what are they expecting? This is a mailinglist. I am
subscribed in a bunch of lists, in this is one of the less frequent ones.
Create some mailfilters and let the mailinglist emails run into a dedicated


Or just write the unsubscribe email instead of telling us you gonna
unsubscribe ^^


Maybe the wait is what makes us so mad and inpatien





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Subject: AW: [cod] STFU


I subscribed to this mailing list for information about COD4 + Linux and not
for being informed about the latest 
flame wars between some kids sitting at daddy’s computer
 90% of all mails i
recieved contained pure nonsense.
I’ll unsubscripe if this isn’t going to end soon ‚cause it’s much more easy
to check some RSS bookmarks at fpsadmins than reading
all those crappy lines i got. Too bad this mailing list isn’t moderated



Von: Andre Lorbach [mailto:alorbach at] 
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An: cod at
Betreff: RE: [cod] STFU


Awesome mail ...


From: João Caiado [mailto:geral at] 
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Subject: [cod] STFU




to all moorons don't bother ryan and stfu, ryan continue the good work!
you're the man! :)

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