[cod] Why its takes so long [cod4 binaries]

Dubravszky József mail at joed.hu
Mon Nov 26 07:29:08 EST 2007

Work in progress. The binaries are waiting for Activision's greelight. 
According to Ryan's words, he has a linux server up and running.

Btw, I would also be glad to provide a mirror webspace for the binaries. 
Just say what MIME type will it be released.



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> Dear Ryan,
> we are an German Multigaming Clan and waiting for the cod4 and ut3 Linux 
> server binaries. We were so pleased much if you inform us
> about a status of the server files from the two games. When the server 
> files are ready we were interested to host the files with
> unlimited bandwidth for all users.
> Did anyone of your team can give us an e-mail answer if the server files 
> are ready to download.
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> Peter Kerschbaumer
> (Projektmanager mhg-clan.de)
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