[cod] Why its takes so long [cod4 binaries]

public at mhg-clan.de public at mhg-clan.de
Mon Nov 26 05:04:39 EST 2007

Dear Ryan,

we are an German Multigaming Clan and waiting for the cod4 and ut3 Linux server binaries. We were so pleased much if you inform us
about a status of the server files from the two games. When the server files are ready we were interested to host the files with
unlimited bandwidth for all users.

Did anyone of your team can give us an e-mail answer if the server files are ready to download. 


With best Regards,

Peter Kerschbaumer
(Projektmanager mhg-clan.de)

World Wide Web: http://www.mhg-clan.de

Public E-Mail: public at mhg-clan.de

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