[cod] STFU

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You guys need to be patient and appreciative that Ryan is actually doing this for us.

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These emails are starting to piss me off with people asking when its done. Its done when its done.





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People are going to keep this up and Ryan will end up taking down the mailing list, then we all lose.

Jonas wrote: 

Can't do more then totally agree!

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I subscribed to this mailing list for information about COD4 + Linux and not for being informed about the latest 
flame wars between some kids sitting at daddy's computer. 90% of all mails i recieved contained pure nonsense.
I'll unsubscripe if this isn't going to end soon ,cause it's much more easy to check some RSS bookmarks at fpsadmins than reading
all those crappy lines i got. Too bad this mailing list isn't moderated.



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Awesome mail ...


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to all moorons don't bother ryan and stfu, ryan continue the good work! you're the man! :)

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