[cod] CoD4 Linux Server Files

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Could the information have been gotten to you sooner?  For instance looking
at UT3 binaries "Should" be out with launch?  If so why does that just not
happen in the future, as it should have probably happened here?

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> Of course, the problem is getting someone in authority to speak candidly
> on the issue.  Is there anyone on this list who could address this
> specific question?

Porting is an inexact science.

Anyone that's watched one of those house-flipping shows on HGTV can tell 
you that if you ask someone to build you a building can say "it will 
take X time" but if you ask them to rework an existing structure...some 
times you find termites, or asbestos, etc, and the original time 
estimate becomes something between overly-optimistic and pure fantasy.

So it goes.

We have the server running on Linux now. It will be released soon (a few 
days, at most, I hope). Just need to get the greenlight to put it out 
there and we're good to go.


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