[ COD ] Some few quick questions

Support ZIOMM - Jerome jerome at ziomm.net
Thu Nov 15 06:00:17 EST 2007

Hi Ryan and all,

Just few quick questions :

- Have you a release date for CoD 4 Linux Binaries approximatively ?
(a week ? two ? a month ?)

- I suppose you will make the UT3 final port too, have you a release date 
planned ?
(a newsletter for ut3 exists ? like ut3 at icculus.org ? )

- UT3, MOH Airborne, CoD 4.... Will you make Crysis port too ? lol

- Can you send me process and required for be a miror of icculus file 
server, please :)

I'm developper (more weak off course), so i know it's very hard to work 
alone (in the dark) on a big project.
And 3 bigs port in few month, you'r my hero, with lates or not :)

For impatients, take a look on Ryan Resume and be respectly quiet :)
I suppose, that Ryan needs no more pressure

Thanks for all ;)

Kind regards


> COD4 is still being worked on, it will be ready soon.
> I'm the bottleneck this time, hitting more porting issues than I expected, 
> based on experience with previous COD titles.
> I will have binaries for this soon. In the meantime, please direct all 
> venom towards me and not Activision or IW for this delay.
> Thanks,
> --ryan.

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