AW: [cod] linux server binaries

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Tue Nov 13 20:05:31 EST 2007

Venom? I think not. I am just glad we have a Ryan to do these ports. I have 
ported a couple of tactical realism mods to be Linux aware/compatible and 
realize just how freaking unreal it can be. I can't imagine porting the 
whole game.

Anyway, thanks for the update. Even the impatient like myself realize that a 
rush job is more problematic than getting it right the first time. It will 
be good when we do get it.


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>> [q]But at least we know that Ryan IS alive![/q]
>> that's a funny one :)
> COD4 is still being worked on, it will be ready soon.
> I'm the bottleneck this time, hitting more porting issues than I expected, 
> based on experience with previous COD titles.
> I will have binaries for this soon. In the meantime, please direct all 
> venom towards me and not Activision or IW for this delay.
> Thanks,
> --ryan.
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