[cod] and the race begins...

K. P. Mahoney soldierofbal at rogers.com
Mon Nov 12 12:06:47 EST 2007

Does anyone know how to make in-game messages automatic in COD4? In cod2
it was like this.

// Message Center Setup
set mc_enable "1"
set mc_maxmessages "10"
set mc_restartEveryRound "1"
set mc_delay "90" // Standard delay between each message, if no custom delay 
is defined

//set mc_message1 "<*nextmap*>"
//set mc_messagedelay1 "5"
set mc_message2 "^1YOU VOTE ^7for next map ^1:)"
set mc_messagedelay2 "5"
Someone told me that it can be put in a PB config file similar to this:

In your pbsv.cfg add the following:

//server console messages
pb_sv_load svrmsgs.cfg

Then create a new text file and rename it to svrmsgs.cfg and add the 


// Task setup for PunkBuster

pb_sv_task 20 1400 "say ^1Welcome to my server."
pb_sv_task 200 1600 "say ^1No Foul Language or Bad Name Tags"
"Problem is I have no pbsv.cfg file on my comp or server. Appreciate the 


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