[cod] and the race begins...

Christian Weynert limit_de@yahoo.de limit_de at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 12 11:57:07 EST 2007

Yes it was then rebuilt binarie of UT or so.

But the community has no right to at least an approximate date? We have 
the game so well and have bought ourselves to leave the statement 
specifying IW correct, and no lie it was also to release a Linux server 
version, which is apparently a real lie.

Man loses confidence in the development of such games it is not the 
first time so!

The community is waiting for Linux binaries 70% of all CLAN server 
running on Linux, which means that 70% of all the clans that game is not 
bought on your server can play. They now rent ROOT server and pay this 
and have nothing of it.

  And it Meckert nobody is currently the only times an appointment a 
week or said "people, we have problems, sorry!"

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