[cod] and the race begins...

Andre Lorbach alorbach at ro1.adiscon.com
Tue Nov 6 08:25:35 EST 2007

This is a mailinglist not some forum, so leave the flaming to the forums

And I understand Leadly, it has been promised to release linux servers
with the release and once again it didn't happen. 


My guess is it will be release within the next few weeks.






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Honestly, you act like kids! They are windows developers! Linux binaries
are best left to the experts like Rob. At least Activision/IW are making
the attempts to get Linux Binaries out in the field! Much more than EA
ever do. Now can we leave this mailing list to the technical aspects of
linux binaries & the running of top quality servers. If you want to
bitch & whine go to a forum somewhere. 

On 06/11/2007, Leadly <leadbritches at austinservers.com> wrote:

After the previous hose job we all got (a.k.a. CoD2)... do you honestly
expect anything different this time around? Consoles are their priority.
PC's are just an afterthought. Linux is... well... just too much for
them to 

Disclaimer: The above is not directed at Ryan in any way. Only the
haired induhviduals in Activision/IW management.

I honestly hope they make me eat my words, but I'm very dubious of what
are in for with our gaming fate in the hands of the same group that

Please let me be wrong... *sigh*

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