[cod] Startup Problems with 1.3 hotfix files

drlove at notorious9.net drlove at notorious9.net
Tue Dec 11 08:27:33 EST 2007

Obviously the windows carriage return (^M) causing the '/bin/sh'  
interpreter to be invalid. Did you edit the file in windows before  
uploading it?
There are several methods to strip them, as other posters have mentioned.

Jeff Love
Burgh Gaming

> You need the package dosutils
> Quoting Clanwarz <clanwarz at gmail.com>:
>> On Dec 11, 2007 6:42 AM, Arh|Sensei <admin at arhanghelii.ro> wrote:
>>> or
>>> dos2unix cod4_lnxded
>> You sure?
>> --jay

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