[cod] CoD4 server requirements: Please rate my hardware

Evaldas Žilinskas admin at lemita.lt
Thu Dec 6 06:35:05 EST 2007

My 24 slot COD4 server eats ~20% RAM of 2GB, so it means ~400Mb. Anyway, I love the way “cod4_lnxded-bin” works with CPU. Maximum 15% from 3.6GHz Pentium D (not even a CORE2). Maybe that’s why players get so huge latency, I mean that low ping, high fps players that get ~10 latency on Counter-Strike, they will get ~40 when playing COD4. So back to the topic, COD4 is great at CPU savings. Just get some RAM where to load these maps.

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  Im running CoD 4 + ET (Apache2,PHP5,MySQL) server's at: OptiPlex GX260 (Dell)

  P4 2 GHz
  512 DDR
  ATA100 / 120 GB

  And it's sux :), i need get more RAM.
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