[cod] [COD] SMP Kernels

Quint van Drosthagen cod at se-easy.net
Sun Jan 29 13:56:36 EST 2006

Yes verry. I run a dual amd cpu system, and made a while back to start the
wrong kernel. At that moment everything was separated on one cpu per
process. That isn't the problem, what the problem is is that you can't say
wich process is going to wich cpu, and that means in my case that one cpu
was overloaded and one was doing nothing. Because of this there was a high
load on my machine because everything had to wait until it can get cpu
power. So for a short story. Keep using smp.





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Im running a dual pentium mandrake 10.1 server with an smp kernel. The
server runs 2 cod servers and 1 cod2 server

Would I notice a big difference in performance if I switched to a non smp


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