[cod] any good mods for cod 2

Kevin M soldierofbal at rogers.com
Thu Jan 26 09:32:45 EST 2006

I'm running the RC-Mod for testing purposes. The options are endless.
The RC-Mod is an accumalation of a lot of mods.

Planes, Artillery, Mortar, Rain etc.....
I had nothing to do with this mod but I think it deserves a plug!
See below for more details:(all features have numerous options)

- Command Monitor
- TripWires
- Weapons Classes
- Medic System CoD1/CoD2
- Weapons Override/Limiting
- Bleeding to Death
- Tracers/Mortars/Flak/Bombers
- Hit Blip (normal)
- Fall Damage Modifier
- Weapons Damage Modifiers
- Live Stats
- Sprinting
- Airplane & Bombs
- Flak & AAA Tracers
- Mortar, Artillery & Air Strikes
- Unknown Soldier ReNaming & Management
- Cold Breath and FoG Effects
- Rain/Storm Effects
- MOTD For Clans and Regulars
- Ranking System
- Forced Client-Side DVARS
- Spawn Protection
- BoB Factor Stops Gliding
- More Blood n Gore
- Battlechatter
- Realism Effects Pain/Death Sound Helmet/Head PoP
- Cooking Nades
- HTF and LTS Gametypes
- Custom Frag/Smoke Grenade Loadouts
- Color/Size Laser Crosshair
- Custom map rotations, random or player based (3 size settings)
- Anti-Camper settings
- Color Coded Smoke Grenades
- Welcome & Server message system
- Enhanced Weapon Loadouts
- Forced Auto Assign
- Secondary Weapons
- Onscreen Bullet Holes
- Weapon Damage Modifiers
- Weapon Limits by Weapon Class
- Player's Crosshair Names
- Health Pack Drop
- Red Xhair "hit blip"
- Obituary Messages
- Health Bar use and appearance
- Nades/Smoke loadout based on weapon class
- Weapon drop on death
- the "bright models" exploit to be forced off
- "red-dots" on the compass
- the on-screen bomb timer in S&D
- For ALL compass icons
- Bolt-Action Rifles only servers
- Unknown Soldier Warn/Punish system
- TK Monitor & Punishment
- Laser Dot-crosshair


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Hi all,

I'm running awe now for a while and like it a lot. The only thing missing
what extreme mod does have is the Artilery. Flying planes etc. etc. Is ther
a mod that gives these extra's??


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All three of the mods you mentioned are beta.

Extreme always seems to be in beta (last i checked, it was in alpha).
AWE has always been more stable for me.

On 1/25/06, thompson at rangersquad.co.uk <thompson at rangersquad.co.uk> wrote:
> Does anyone know any good stable mods for cod2.  I have installed awe, gfm
> and the extreme mod the only one i like so far is the extreme but it is a
> beta atm and i keep getting a error in s&d and people have posted the bugs
> on his site http://www.gom.me.uk but it still is not fixed. Plus i find it
> hard to get on the site atm to post my problem
> the problem i get is this
> ERROR: script runtime error
> (see console for details)
> (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/sd.gsc', line 1066)
> and another line i cant remember.
> So can anyone help ?
> Ta
> Thomo

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